Espro Coffee Press

Hey guys! I'm back. Sorry I have been gone for such a long time, but here I am, and I'm ready to start talking about food again! Food, and drinks, and a few new tools that I got recently that have changed my life!!!
So to start off I want to introduce you to the Espro French Press.
This has changed my mornings for good. Normally I am a Starbucks in the morning kind of guy. I do not enjoy making my own coffee, and it never tastes the same as it does when I go to the coffee shop. While we were living in LA we had a k-cup coffee maker and that was nice enough. I used it often, but still loved to take a ride to Starbucks.
Now we are back home in NYC, and our kitchen was too small for a coffee maker. So every morning, right after waking up, it was time to head out and walk the 2 blocks to get our coffee. That was all fine and good, but something happened... that something was called WINTER!!!
Ugh.... living in LA for a while we forgot what that trek in the cold was like. We needed a solution and we needed it quick.
The only thing we could think of that made sense was a french press. The only problem there was that I hate french press coffee. It comes out weak, or way to strong. There are always coffee bits in my cup, and lots of times the coffee tastes bitter. NO THANK YOU!
Then we tried this Espro. It was like no other press we ever tried.
It tastes like regular brewed coffee. There are no grinds in your cup, and the strength is perfect every time based on the measurements they provide for you in the packaging.

The secret, I believe, is in the 2 mesh strainers. They are super fine like in a regular coffee maker, and there is 2 of them. If the first one lets a grind sneak by, the second one definitely wont! Also, the whole container is super insulated so unlike the typical glass presses we are all familiar with, this Espro keeps the coffee hot for hours!

I highly reccommend you get this. especially if you live with the restraints of a small kitchen like I am now trying to deal with. But also if you are a coffee press fan. You will never go back after trying this.

Click here to check it out, and get yourself one. After you do let me know how you like it!!

It's good to be back!!


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