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First time fried calamari

In dealing with another quick and bulldozing craving, yesterday I had to make fried calamari. P2 's sister Lisa and her partner Kelly were visiting for the day, and when planning what we would do with the day, my only stipulation was that I needed fried calamari and I wanted to make it at home! When I told them this was something I needed to get out of my system everyone seemed cool with it, and were interested in how I do mine..... Wait... what? Oh yeah... I have never done this before. How do i do mine??? I thought back to a Christmas Eve many years ago when I spent the first half of the night at my friend Sarah's. Me and her mom tried to figure out how to make fried calamari and we ended up with a pot full of 2 things; bits of squid, and bits of fired batter. Not attached. I have to admit I got a little nervous. Lisa and Kelly own a cafe out on Port Jefferson Long Island called Tiger Lily , so clearly they know a thing or 2 about cooking. Lisa is a full on chef, and I am