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P2's Jalapeño and White Bean Hummus Dip

This weekend I went out to Long Island to meet P2 who had been out there working. When I arrived he had made this amazing dip for us to snack on before dinner. So amazing in fact that he made it again the next night before dinner. Knowing I would need to share it with the world, I couldn't wait for an excuse to make it. So yesterday, my friend Cassaundra sent me a message that her and her friends were having a picnic at the park by my place, and wanted to know if I was into coming along. I say "Yes! I'll make dip"! What luck. 3rd day in a row! I ran off to the store to get the ingredients. Here is what you'll need; 1 can of Chickpeaeas 1 can of white beans Half a small can of diced Jalapeño, or more if you like it spicy ( or 1 fresh Jalapeño diced) A handful of fresh Cilantro A little sprinkle of garlic powder (or 2 clove fresh garlic) About a teaspoon of Cumin Salt and Pepper to taste About half a cup of Olive Oil. (You may need more so just grab