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Say Fish Taco Truck

So it's week 3 as a Californian, and I have yet to get food out of a truck. So tonight I went to Fresco Market in the Monterey Hills, and there they were! I forgot it was Monday, and they have food trucks there every Monday night from 5:30 until 9:30. I was there to buy stuff to make a salad, but that plan side tracked quickly. Out of the 3 trucks that were there I chose the truck with the fish tacos. Only because out of the options, that's what I wanted. I read the menu and decided to go for what seemed to be their most popular dish. It's called a "Sayulita Fish Taco" It's fish, deep fried in an old school dark beer batter, original SFT sauce, shredded cabbage, salsa, and a homemade corn tortilla. And I got the combo, so it came with fries :) Not as healthy as the salad I was going to make, but it was only 6pm, so it's early enough to have a little fired fish. Anyway, let me just tell you that I wish I had ordered 5 of these tacos! First lets