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An easy one for the busiest time of year!!!

Well I have to start off with a big apology for being away for so long! I miss you guys, and most of all I miss talking about food! I have been cooking a lot, but just have not found time to talk about it! You understand. Work. Holidays. Shopping. Parties. And of course, trying to fit in sleep. Also had a hell of a cold, that would NOT go away! Well, I am back now, and I promise that I will do my best to stay on track!!! Let me start off by letting everyone know that I was not considered by the Rooster Design Group to have my Sugar Cookies branded. But thank you to everyone who had my back!! Maybe next time!!! :) I guess I have not blogged in almost a month!!!! Since last we met I have had a lot of food!!! LOL. Been to a few restaurants that I want to talk about (I'm coming after you Lupa!!!), and have made some new dishes that will make a lot of you smile! P2 has been hard at work in the kitchen too, and I can't wait to share some of his dishes! from the text i just got, ther