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11 dishes you should be able to make by the time you're 30. (Via Thrillist)

11 DISHES YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE BY THE TIME YOU HIT 30 DREW SWANTAK/THRILLIST  PUBLISHED ON 6/15/2015   BY  LEE BRESLOUER   @leebreslouer  87489   SHARE  ON FACEBOOK Sure, ordering takeout every night has served you well so far in life. The girls were impressed by that General Tso’s in college, so why stop now? For one, it gets expensive after a few years of your parents not footing that bill. Plus, you’ve made it to the 30-year mark, so it’s probably time to learn how to cook. Ease your way in with these 11 basic dishes. We promise the recipes are even easier than putting on your pants to answer the door for delivery, which is also something you should work on doing regularly if you’re over 30. MORE STUFF YOU WILL LIKE 6 Food Staples That You Can Make Yourself (Instead of Buying) 15 stupidly simple cooking tips from famous chefs and the CIA  expand slideshow to fullscreen   SHARE ON FACEBOOK