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Veggie Panino!

I got a message from my friend Aviva in Israel yesterday saying that she found my blog and was loving it. Only thing, is that she wanted more vegetarian options for recipes. However I guess her dad is pleased with my meat recipes!! LOL So I was thinking about a veggie based recipe that Aviva could enjoy, and since my friend Angela from Miami was coming over for lunch I decided to come up with up with a Veggie panino ! ( Panino is singular for Panini . Panini which we are used to in the U.S. really means something closer to a plate of different sandwiches in Italian. So since I only made one, I am calling it a panino !) It came out delicious!!! I didn't serve it with any side dish. Just a dollop of Dijon! Here is my no recipe recipe that I made for Angela but I am dedicating it to my far away friend Aviva! Love you and miss you!!!! (don't worry Angela! I love you too!!!) Veggie Panino Here is what you'll need: A bunch of fresh Cilantro One clove of garlic One Zucchini One

Trying something new! Thai Food!

I was home alone last night because P2 ( That is our best way decipher each other when telling stories. For this blog I will be P1 and the love of my life Paul will be P2) was in Long Island working. As you know I made myself some amazing eggplant. When I was done I was on the couch chillin' with the dogs. My friend Anthony started an iChat with me, and of course we discussed food! He described to me an amazing dish that I really wanted to try! It was a Thai rice dish with shrimp. He made it for his girlfriend Kristen, and she loved it. It sounded perfect for my next blog! I've never cooked Thai before so I thought it could be fun to figure it out and, after reviewing the recipe, I knew it would be perfect!!! Not only would I get practice Thai cooking, but Nicole was coming over for dinner and she LOVES Thai! This recipe he sent me was perfect because it was really about technique, and not so much about paying attention to exactly what it said. Even when discussing it with

Roasted Eggplant Barbuto Style!

So Barbuto is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC! If you live here and you haven't been, you must check it out! It is just south of the Meatpacking District on the corner of Washington and West 12 th St. On one of our afternoons spent walking around, we decided to head over to Barbuto for lunch! We wanted light, fresh, and of course delicious food, so it was the obvious choice. We headed over and we were NOT disappointed. I don't remember everything we ordered, but one thing we remember for sure was the roasted eggplant. They served it really simple with some grilled ciabatta bread, and for a yummy twist, a big scoop of ricotta cheese! It was SO good!! We couldn't believe it. And it was so super easy to make, I started making it all the time.... I mean ALL the time. Tonight my friend Nicole couldn't make it for our dinner plans, so eggplant it is!! I just made it and ate it, so now it is time to share it with you! This is my no recipe, recipe version of the &quo

5 Napkin Burger

I has been a few days since I blogged because I have been a little busy, so since I had the afternoon to myself I decided to get back to it! SIRPAUL and DJ Alex Lauterstein were working in our apartment, so I picked a place I have heard was amazing and went there to do my first restaurant review! I decided on the very popular 5 Napkin Burger . Time Out NY voted it "best new burger" in it's Best New issue, so it has to be good right??? Answer: Not so much. I mean it wasn't terrible, but I will not be rushing back there any time soon. Probably never actually. I decided to sit outside. Mistake number 1. I just ended up getting a little less attention from the waitress than I would have preferred to have. I looked over the menu which is quite diverse. They have everything from ahi tuna burgers to blackened shrimp salad, to lobster rolls. It looked very promising. My better half, Paul, always tells me that I try the weird things at new places instead of going for what