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Baum Kuchen

As you might know my best friend Hiroko lives in Tokyo with her husband David. Since she has moved there, whenever she comes back to the city she is usually chuck full of little delights from Japan. Candy, and Shochu mostly, but the last 2 times she came with the most amazing cake ever. So amazing and popular in Japan that once her mom stood in line for an hour just to get her hands on one for us!! Now that is sweet!! So this cake is called Baum Kuchen, and is actually from German descent. Loosely translated it's name indicates that the cake looks like a tree trunk when the tree gets cut down. The tree always has rings in the trunk indicating the age of the tree. This cake has rings indicating that it is delicious!!! Now in the little bit of research I did, it seems that this cake is made all over Eastern Europe, and every family has it's own recipe. Sort of like an Italian Wedding Soup! Until recently I thought I would only get this amazing cake when Hiroko came