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Il Bagatto

Last night to my surprise P2  asked me if we could go to Il Bagatto. This happens to be my FAVORITE little corner of the planet. I said "yes". I said "yes" loud and I said it clear. I said "yes"! To me there is no place better to go for dinner. The best part of dinner there is the special that they offer every night. The grilled Calamari. It's marinated in lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley. Then grilled to perfection! I really could eat this every day of my life. Whenever you go, the room is full of people eating it. The people who aren't just haven't ordered yet. Located on 2nd St. between Aves A&B, Il Bagatto is on the quintessential East Village block. It's got a psychic, a laundromat, a tattoo place, and a bar that I used to go to that has long since been shut down, and is now covered in graffiti. In the summer the front of the restaurant openes up which allows for side walk seating. On a winter night, like last night,

Is fake crab gross?? NO! It's not!

I have always felt like eating imitation crab was gross, but I don't know why. I eat fake chicken and fake beef all the time. Tons of people do. So why do I feel like eating fake crab is so wrong? Where does this stigma come from? Do you think it's wrong? After today I am 100% sure that there is nothing wrong with enjoying fake crab. I mean, guess what's in your California roll??? Yeah, thats fake cab in there! Unlike its refrigerator case cousins, the soy burger and chick'n patties, imitation crab is not a vegetarian option. It's made from fish. Most commonly a fish called Pollock which is a very mild white fish found in abundance up around Alaska and in the cold waters in that region. It's cooked and processed with vegetable or soy oils, natural and artificial flavors, and colors. Does this make is healthy? I guess, but I am sure it's not going to be on the top of any Dr.'s list of  "must eat" foods. I'm not even sure what its purpose