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Zucchini Blossoms!

Sunday our friends Anthony and Kristen had us over for brunch. While in their fridge I saw they had one of my all time favorite summertime treats... zucchini blossoms. There is no better edible flower on the planet! They are light and delicate, and best of all the traditional way to serve them is deep fried!! Oh, and did I mention that you stuff them with cheese too??? I was so pleased to see that they had been cooking with them and couldn't wait to hear what they did with them. Anthony decided to use them as a late night snack fried in a beer batter. I couldn't believe that he and Kristen were able to hold back and not eat them all! Secretly I was hopping they would be on the brunch menu, but they weren't. Although the brunch they did make was so good, nothing needed to be added! So to add another surprise as we were leaving they gave me the rest of they're blossoms! I couldn't wait to make them!! The next day I was going to Jersey to visit my mom and my God Child,