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Konichiwa Japan!

In honor of my new readers over in Japan, P2 and I decided to make a little Japanese food for dinner last night! Well, it was our version. What we did was take the classic methods and switched them around and made them our own! In honor of that way of cooking, I will not be giving you any recipes in this entry. I will definately tell you what we did, but I want to inspire you to take this opportunity to play around in the kitchen and have fun like we did!!! There are NO RULES!!! I will tell you the basics that you will need and then the rest is up to YOU! Sound fun??? First lets start with the Dumplings!! As you can tell we made a whole mess of them! At first is was a little tough, but as our fingers got used to working with the wrappers it got easier. Plus we weren't really trying to accomplish a specific look. We were really just making sure they were sealed up well!! Ours were filled with P2's choices of ingredience. He has a bit of a sweet tooth and well as a love for spic

The blog made it to Japan!!!!

My very best friend in the world Hiroko lives in Japan and is a huge foodie just like me!! It's always how we bond. We cook something delish together and then share some wine!! She has a popular blog in Japan, and yesterday I was lucky enough to get a shout out!!! I know... I know... I have no idea what it says either, but I know it is promoting this blog so I know it is awesome!!! Here it is: My BFF's Food Blog 2009/11/04 00:40:06 by Hiroko Orkin , Categories: Thought of the Day My BFF's Food Blog 以前にも紹介しました、私のベストフレンドのポールが最近 The Best Food Blog in the World というブログを書き始めたんですが、本人は結構ハマっているようで、マメに書き続けており、上手くできているので、ここでご紹介させていただきます。 Follow up: ポールは、本当に料理が上手く、マイアミにある有名な調理師学校を出ています。 母親の代わりに昔から家で夕食を担当していたというイタリア系アメリカ人の彼は今まで一度もレシピを使って調理をした事が無く、本当に色々な食材を使いヘルシーで美味しい料理を提案してくれるシェフです。 ポールのブログはここをクリック! ちなみに私はアメリカの代表的家庭料理であり、ブログに紹介された鶏胸肉のロースト、マッシュド・ポテト、サラダをデイビッドに作りました! 好評でした! Thank you Hiroko!!! Love and miss you CHOOOOO much!! Please check out Hiroko's blog at . XOX