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Ibrido Soup

Ibrido means Hybrid in Italian. It also sounds like some kind of soup to me (not really sure why though). So being that the soup we had last night was a combo of my 2 favorites, I thought this would be a perfect name! My 2 favorite soups are both Italian classics; Wedding Soup and Tortellini en Brodo (in broth). Both are mega comfort foods for me, so when I was wondering the store last night exhausted I had a feeling combining the 2 would make me smile. It's basically pasta and meatballs! What could be bad about that? Here is what I did. For the mini meatballs: 1 pound ground meat. ( I used chicken, but you can use beef or anything you like) 1 egg A big handful of grated Parm or Romano cheese. ( I like Romano) A handful of chopped flat leaf Parsley 1/4 of a medium sized white onion Salt and Pepper to taste. For the Tortellini: Well... a bag of fresh tortellini. (1lb) For the Brodo (broth); 1 Box chicken stock. (I like organic and low sodium) 1/4 of a medium size