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Eggplant and Pepperoncini Tomato Sauce.

So the surprise breakout star of my culinary week is a sauce I used to top off a dish last night. It was an Eggplant and Pepperoncini Tomato Sauce that was simple and actually quite delicate. If you read this blog often you know I have random and strong cravings that need to be satiated immediately.  For weeks I have been craving spicy food, and yesterday it was those funky little green peppers. If you don't know what Pepperoncini are, they're those pickley, and a little spicy peppers you find in Italian Antipasto and Greek Salads. You find them near the olives at the grocery store. They look like this- The gorgeous recording artist Chantae Vetrice  was coming over to record with P2 , so I needed to make something impressive, but this damn craving was bugging me. I sent Chantae a message and asked what she would like for dinner, and she said she eats everything, so it was on! I knew a few things going into this meal; 1. I wanted a sauce to top breaded chicken cutlets.