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Lady of Grand Food Tours of the LES

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of a great tour of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was a food tasting tour with Jolie Warbet of Lady of Grand Food Tours. Jolie is the actual Lady of Grand, and is the brains and beauty behind the concept. Jolie was born on Grand St. in the LES and as a child moved to New Jersey, but as soon as she could, she returned to the street she loved. As time went by her friends gave her the nick name "The Lady of Grand" because she was always giving people history of the area, and taking them around to check out all the hidden gems of the neighborhood. Specifically she enjoyed showing people her favorite food spots, so when the opportunity presented itself to actually turn her passion into a career she took it. What was born of that was Lady of Grand Food Tours. The tour meets at The Essex Street Market, and it's first few stops are there. We first got to try the Spinach Pie at Boubouki. A tiny kitchen turning out amazing home m