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It's time to just stop eating Salmon!!!

Below is an article from that I think any seafood lover should read. We need to become more aware as humans about what we are really putting in our bodies. Even when we think we are being healthy we may actually be doing harm to ourselves. My opinion is to stop eating Salmon all together. Don't get me wrong. It's one of my favorite fish to eat, but even if we continue to just eat fresh caught, we not only start the extinction of fresh Salmon but we are killing off the other animals in nature that depend on the Salmon to live as well. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Chef Rick Moonen opposes genetically modified organisms for public table FDA set to OK modified salmon that its developer says is as safe as farmed salmon, he says But farming already a health, pollution problem, he says; fast-growing fish compounds it Moonen: Approval with no required labels would set back sustainability movement Editor's note: Rick Moonen is an acclaimed chef who runs the restaurant Rick M