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Coconut Oil

A few days ago P2 and I were waiting in line to check out at Whole Foods in Chelsea and we saw a jar of Coconut Oil. It looked like a jar of shortening. We picked it up because my brother Barry had told it it is really healthy, but it didn't seem like it at all. It's LOADED with saturated fat. Loaded with all kinds of fat. We were very confused as to why this would be a viable alternative to butter or other oils. My brother who told us this was healthy is a strict follower of The Paleo Diet.  This diet basically adheres to the way a caveman would eat. All natural of course with lots of meat and veg. Very low carb, no beans, or legumes, and no wheat. That's just a basic outline. The diet seems to be a bit on the fatty side, and I never understood it.  Most fat is bad right? And we all know saturated fat is the devil, right? One of the most common ingredient in this diet is Coconut Oil. It replaces things like butter an other oils to cook with. He showed it to me once but