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A serious sandwich!

So a few weeks back my friend Anthony suggested a lunch date! We were both working from home at the time, and could use a little break. I was down, so we made some plans. He wanted to take me to a sandwich shop on his side of town, so I headed over. Once I got to his place, he gave me a little appetizer. Seems the previous evening his girlfriend, my other good friend Kristen had made a killer beet and kale risotto. I had a few bites and it was AMAZING!! I hope to be eating that again real soon, and then making it for you guys! So after that we hopped on some bikes and rode over to a very small unassuming spot called Baoguette . What it is, is a Vietnamese Sandwhich shop, and I have always wanted to try it!! I was so excited. All I really knew about these sandwiches was they they were supposed to be spicy and some a little sour. Those are 2 of my favorite tastes. How I go wrong? I went in first and read the menu. The VERY SMALL menu . I think as far as sandwiched went there were 4. The