A serious sandwich!

So a few weeks back my friend Anthony suggested a lunch date! We were both working from home at the time, and could use a little break. I was down, so we made some plans. He wanted to take me to a sandwich shop on his side of town, so I headed over.
Once I got to his place, he gave me a little appetizer. Seems the previous evening his girlfriend, my other good friend Kristen had made a killer beet and kale risotto. I had a few bites and it was AMAZING!! I hope to be eating that again real soon, and then making it for you guys!
So after that we hopped on some bikes and rode over to a very small unassuming spot called Baoguette. What it is, is a Vietnamese Sandwhich shop, and I have always wanted to try it!! I was so excited. All I really knew about these sandwiches was they they were supposed to be spicy and some a little sour. Those are 2 of my favorite tastes. How I go wrong?

I went in first and read the menu. The VERY SMALL menu. I think as far as sandwiched went there were 4. Then some other options, but in total there could not have been more than 10 things tops.
Anthony told me about the pork sandwich that Baoguette is most famous for. It sounded ok until the mention of the terrine on it. I'm not down with that so I moved onto the other options. In the end we decided to get 2 and split them.
We got the BBQ chicken and the Sloppy Bao.
The chicken consisted of pickled daikon, cilantro, cucumber, and a little aioli.
The Sloppy Bao had green curry beef, green mango, basil, and lemon grass.

The first thing you will notice when you reach in your bag to get the sandwich out is that the bread feels perfect and warm. You can tell just by touching it, that it is going to have the perfect texture.
Then as you bring it out of the bag you will look at the perfect amount of food. Actually it looks small. To me at least. But it really is the perfect amount.
Now it is time to bite, chew, swallow, and smile!
Both sandwiches were so good we couldn't decide which was better!
The chicken was sweet and sour at the same time, while the perfect amount of aioli seemed to balance the two out. Then of course the cilantro did it's job of keeping the whole sandwich tasting fresh, and in this case light.
Next I moved onto the beef. It was sweet and spicy! The first thing I noticed, and Anthony agreed, was that it did not taste like any curry I had ever had before. In fact it didn't taste like curry at all. It was just a spicy, warm salty pleasure to eat. The lemon grass woke it up a bit, while the basil kept it fresh.
After about 20 straight minutes of deliberation we were a hung jury of 2. We could not decide which was better. We actually almost went back to get more, but decided not to. Bathing suit weather is coming you know!

Clearly I was a fan, and would really recommend this spot to my NYC readers. I would suggest that people in other parts of the country find a spot near you, or if you can't find one, open one up and become a millionaire. Just make sure when you strike it big you remember to send me some cash since it was my idea! :)

Check it out NYC:
I think their 3rd location just opened up, so there should be one close to you!
Big thanks to Anthony for the best lunch I have had in a long time!!!!



Anonymous said…
Great insights popo. Thank you. Maybe you and I should go back here for a date. Better yet, let's meet in your kitchen and do the "...more simple to make and sometimes better!"
Keri said…
Am I in? SHUT UP! That sandwich? You're killing me. Will you marry me? Please? Love, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)
Yes Sam/ Keri.. I will be your wife!

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