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Polenta with Wild Mushrooms

So as I am sure you know we had a huge blizzard here in NYC. Personally I love a blizzard. I know it has caused so many problems for so many people, but as the average guy in the city, it doesn't really affect me much. Plus, as luck would have it, I was off from work the past 2 days and didn't need to go anywhere. P2 and I did do a little shopping, and also went out to play in the snow with our friends Andreas and Paulo. Other than that, it was nothing but food, sweat pants and Wii for us. When thinking about food on days like these there are some pretty strict guide lines that need to be followed in order to reduce the risks of hunger and running out of food. The rules are pretty easy. 1. Hot food 2. Heavy food 3. Cook a lot of food Easy peesy as the Fat Ladies say! Right? Now there was a good amount of cooking happening over the past 2 days by both P2 and myself. I think P2's favorite was a creamy spicy chicken soup I made. Mine however was the Polenta I made last night.

Zuppa Di Pesce (the fast version)

Christmas Eve is my favorite time to eat!! Being Italian we celebrate this night with the Feast of 7 Fishes. Now as far as I know it is not important which fishes you eat, just as long as there are 7. I think my favorite thing to eat, and it seems to be the most common dish among the Italians that I have ever talked to about this, is Baccala. Baccala is salted cod. Almost all cultures that originate by the ocean have a version of this fish and a name for it too. It's salty and fishy and people either love it or hate it. I LOVE it. In my family we serve it in a cold salad with hot (spicy) cherry peppers. Mmmmmmmm!!! Anyway.... This entry is not about Baccala. It's about Zuppa di Pesce. This year I was solo for Christmas Eve because my work schedule kept me in the city, and P2 went to long Island for the night to see his family. I wasn't about to cook 7 fish for myself, and I needed to pick something easy for me to cook when I got home from work, so I picked Zuppa. Well.