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"The Next Big Small Brand" contest

So this post is just to let you guys know that I entered a contest tonight and I am just hoping and asking that you all keep your fingers crossed for me! The Rooster Design Group of NYC is holding a contest where they are looking for something new and exciting to brand. My family has been making these cookies for generations, and I was an adult before I even knew that nobody else was eating them! They are amazing and their best feature is that they are made to dip in red wine!!!! How great is that!?? SO.... I am hoping that these great people over at The Rooster Design Group help me take the cookies to the next level and get them into the coffee shops and wine bars all over The City!!! So please keep you fingers crossed for me!!!!! Thanks!!!! XOXOXO - Paul

Veggie Risotto

Last night I was going to have Shabu Shabu with my friends Hiroko and Rob, and Hiroko's mom. If you have never had Shabu Shabu , find a place that makes it and GO!!! It is like Japanese style hot pot. Really fun to have with friends! Last minute plans changed and we ended up staying in and cooking and Hiroko's mom laid low in her hotel room. I wasn't really sure what to cook, but I did know I didn't want anything having to do with Thanksgiving!!:) So we picked Risotto. It had been years since I have made it, and it really is quite simple despite what people think. So Hiroko and I headed to the store while Rob stayed at my place and waited for us. We decided on a simple vegetable risotto. Of course I don't have a real recipe but here is a list of what you will need at the store. * A box of Aborrio rice (it's the only kind you should use to make risotto, and will be found with the other rice products) * One bunch of asparagus * One bag of frozen peas * Tw