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Lobster Roll @ Pearl Oyster Bar

Last night I snapped this pic right before I DEVOURED this Lobster Roll. My friend Natasha took me to The Pearl Oyster Bar for my first time and I am left with an overwhelming sadness that I put off going there for all these years. WHAT was I thinking??? When we got there, there was a bit of a wait, as there usually is for this small but hugely popular sea food spot in the village. However, it wasn't long before the lovely hostess had a spot for us at the bar. Natasha had told me that we were having the Lobster Roll, and I am glad she forced me into it. Overall flavor was bright and fresh, but there were no flavor surprises. What was so awesome to me about the roll was that there was tons of lobster, and huge chunks at that. The bun was a perfect buttery vessel and the shoestring potatoes were wonderful as well (and I am typically not a fan). Did I mention the great Rioja Blanco we had too? :) So, if you find yourself in the middle of Manhattan, but are dreaming of being

Frontera Guacamole Mix. No really.. It's good!

So yesterday I was out in Jersey visiting my family, and my sister-in-law introduced me to this product she found. Normally I do not go for the "semi homeade" type of things. Especially when it comes to easily made dishes. Things like a quick tomato sauce for pasta, or a bright salad dressing shouldn't require a packet for you to make. And when it comes to guacamole, I know I am not alone with this because people are so die hard about their guac. Everyone thinks they make the best, and seem to take it very personal if you try to change their recipe. Until now.. :) Frontera , a company started by the famous chef Rick Bayless has created the perfect little packet of goodness, and all you have to do is add a couple avocados. It really is that easy. What you'll find in this magic packet is different from other guacamole mixes because it's not a dry mix. I have never used a guacamole mix before, but I believe they are mostly dry ingredients, with a lot of preserva

Scallops and Oven Roasted Tomato Salad with Sunchoke Chips.

Yesterday I woke up and wanted Scallops. Not sure why, but it was one of the first things that popped into my head as I was waking up. So I got out of bed, pulled myself together and headed to The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market . I got 6 large scallops, and it made 2 salads. On the way there I decided that I was going to make a salad, because I also wanted to slow roast some tomatoes. I decided on a couple small heads of Frisee for the texture, and my mind went to bacon for some crunch. I thought it could be a play on the classic app of bacon wrapped scallops, but the problem was I didn't actually want bacon. So as I was shopping for the produce at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange , I saw sunchokes and thought that I could make chips with them for that crunch I was looking for from the bacon. I got home and started to work on the tomatoes. I never put much thought into the process, and it wasn't until I was home that it dawned on me this was going to take a long time to