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Espro Coffee Press

Hey guys! I'm back. Sorry I have been gone for such a long time, but here I am, and I'm ready to start talking about food again! Food, and drinks, and a few new tools that I got recently that have changed my life!!! So to start off I want to introduce you to the Espro French Press. This has changed my mornings for good. Normally I am a Starbucks in the morning kind of guy. I do not enjoy making my own coffee, and it never tastes the same as it does when I go to the coffee shop. While we were living in LA we had a k-cup coffee maker and that was nice enough. I used it often, but still loved to take a ride to Starbucks. Now we are back home in NYC, and our kitchen was too small for a coffee maker. So every morning, right after waking up, it was time to head out and walk the 2 blocks to get our coffee. That was all fine and good, but something happened... that something was called WINTER!!! Ugh.... living in LA for a while we forgot what that trek in the cold was like. We nee