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One word. Raoul's

There really isn't too much of a story here. This is about a place that has a long history in NYC, and a favorite for any NYC'er who loves to go out for dinner. Deep in the heart of SoHo there is a place that everyone has been to at least once, and that still on a friday night is hard to get a reservation. This place is the ever spectacular Raoul's ! I had first gone almost a decade ago with a friend who at the time I couldn't get enough of. I was new to NYC and she was like my fairly decent God Mother. It was late, and her friends were feeding so we went. I was a vegetarian at the time, and never expected much out of any restaurant. Raoul's knocked my 22 year old drunken stockings off! Since then I have sent probably 1,000 people there to eat and all have left happy! If they didn't I certainly don't know anything about it! Tonight I stopped in on a whim with my good gal pal Nicole. We split a bottle of Bordeaux and the halibut. It was quite fantastic! It n