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Purple Cauliflower!

So last night I had no idea what to make for dinner but headed off to Chelsea Market anyway just knowing that light and healthy was the mark to hit. It had been a really long time since we had Filet Mingnon and I was thinking that with some sauteed spinach would be great. The butcher however had other plans for me because by 6:15 he was almost out of all beef. Only thing left was Rib Eye, and as lean as he was trying to convince me it was, I have never had a Rib Eye that wasn't delicious because of the fat! I skipped it. So off the the fish monger! They were looking pretty picked apart and out of a lot of things too. I decided that the old standby, Tilapia was winner. Seasoned and grilled. How could I go wrong. Now off to the Manhattan Fruit Exchange for some vegetables. I still wanted a bit of spinach, but maybe something else with a bright color. I walked around and decided I would grill some corn too. I know it really simple but I could use simple these days! Not to mention

A recipe from NY1. Who knew??

I read the NY Times online everyday. Well, not everyday. And I don't really read it as much as I chech the Dine & Wine section. It's doesn't change very often. Every other day or so there is a new article or recipe. I always try to remember what I want to make but rarely do. I spend the day working, and forget to even check it to remind myself of what I saw and liked when I get home and hungry. Yesterday as I was cruzing through all the local news web sites I decided to see what kind of recipes were being posted on . There was a really easy and delicious looking recipe that just nagged at me all day. It was a Zucchini Crusted Chichen Breast. As you know by now, simple and rustic Italian is my favorite thing to cook and eat, so this was right up my alley. When P2 and I were planning dinner I ran it by him and he said it sounded perfect. What made it even more perfect was that we had everything we needed alreay except the chicken. P2 was on his way to a meeting,