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Skirt Steak with Chimichurri.... IS La bomba!!!

Today I was helping Rich, a friend of mine put together a menu for his dinner party he is hosting this weekend at his friends house. I honestly found it a bit of a challenge because I have never planned out something like that on paper. Sure, I have done it before.. the very first entry on this blog was a tapas party, but I have never needed to explain is such detail how to put it together. I hope I did a good job!! We'll find out by Sunday I am sure! Anyway, one of the menu items was a mini steak sandwich. Almost like a slider but with sliced steak not a burger. For the dressing I chose a Chimichurri mayo. If you have never had it, Chimichurri is an amazing sauce that is traditional in Argentina. It is like a pesto, but is made with parsley and is served with meat. Most often with steak. I was introduced to it by my very good friend Sarah years ago when we were having a BBQ at her apartment, and fell in love. Since then I have perfected it, owned it, and have impressed even the mo