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Deep Fried Turkey

Well I hope everyone had a great Holiday!!! I am quite satisfied myself! Only thing I could wish for is a longer holiday to spend more time with my family! But I can't complain. One way or another I got to see everyone important! Over Thanksgiving we started to toy around with the idea of deep frying a turkey for Christmas. None of us had ever done one like that, nor had any of us eaten one. Now most people, especially Italian Americans know that the turkey part of dinner is the least important part of dinner. There is so much food that comes before the turkey, that it is almost impossible to eat because of already being so stuffed! That being said we decided to fry the turkey for Christmas because if we messed it up nobody would really care. We also decided to throw a wrench in that whole part of the meal, and make completely different sides to boot!! P2 and I were in charge, my brother Barry and friend Nicole were sous chefs, and Mom was responsible for everything that came befo

Early Christmas present

If you read my blog at all, you know that a have a deep love affair going on with the restaurant Barbuto in the West Village. So as P2 and I were finishing up our Holiday shopping, we were starving and knew there was one sure bet for a late lunch!! We threw our hoods over our heads and braved the wind, for what proved to be another amazing lunch! Besides the food and wine being spectacluar, I was given my first Christmas surprise from P2. After we were stuffed to the heart, he asked me to get my stuff together and meet him in front of the restaurant. I obliged and waited for him to show up. While looking through the front of restaurant I noticed P2 was inside speaking with Johnathan Waxman . Celebrity Chef and owner of Barbuto!! You might have heard of him or evern have seen him on Top Chef. If not here is a small blip from his online Bio. " Jonathan Waxman first stepped into the culinary scene in 1970 when he decided to retire from his career as a professional trombonist to enro