Deep Fried Turkey

Well I hope everyone had a great Holiday!!! I am quite satisfied myself! Only thing I could wish for is a longer holiday to spend more time with my family! But I can't complain. One way or another I got to see everyone important!
Over Thanksgiving we started to toy around with the idea of deep frying a turkey for Christmas. None of us had ever done one like that, nor had any of us eaten one.
Now most people, especially Italian Americans know that the turkey part of dinner is the least important part of dinner. There is so much food that comes before the turkey, that it is almost impossible to eat because of already being so stuffed! That being said we decided to fry the turkey for Christmas because if we messed it up nobody would really care. We also decided to throw a wrench in that whole part of the meal, and make completely different sides to boot!! P2 and I were in charge, my brother Barry and friend Nicole were sous chefs, and Mom was responsible for everything that came before the turkey. IE: wedding soup and pasta (which by the way was AMAZING!)
Along side the bird was P2's now famous cauliflower au gratin, Panettone bread stuffing (dressing), baked sweet potato circles, and gravy!
Now for what became the biggest surprise of the night..... The Deep Fried Turkey!
Sadly I took no pictures.. Our camera is broken, however I found a picture that was pretty accurate. Basically you just stick your whole turkey in a big vat of oil and let it go! We used peanut oil for ours. I have only ever deep fried with peanut oil, and when I looked it up, Paula Deen said to use it too, and we all know she knows how to deep fry!!
The fryer is specifically made for a turkey. DO NOT try to do this on your stove because you WILL catch on fire!

This is to be done outside and away from your home.

First thing you need to do is figure out how much oil you will need to use. To do this you place the turkey inside the fryer and fill it with water until it just covers the turkey. Then pull the turkey out. Where ever the water line is, is where you will need to fill the fryer up with oil. (We didn't actually have enough oil and there was about an inch and a half of turkey above the oil line.

Now that you know where to fill the oil to; Dry it with a towel, turn the gas on, light the flame, and fill your fryer up! You want it to be around 350 to 375 degrees.
While it is heating up, bring your bird inside dry it up and season it. I used a rub made of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and dehydrated lemon. Use whatever ratios of whatever seasonings you like.
Rub the turkey with oil and rub on the rub.
When the oil is at the correct temperature submerge the turkey. There is a hook and basket provided with the fryer to assist you with this. BE CAREFUL!! If the oil spills out you will start a fire!

Cooking this way is a lot quicker then in a oven. You should figure about 3 minutes per pounds. That's it!!!!!! Our turkey was ready in about 35- 40 minutes. Do not put the lid on the fryer as that may cause pressure to build and the fryer will explode.

When we pulled it out, the turkey had become so tender that it broke in 2 pieces!! The legs and back section literally fell off from the breast area. We knew at that point we were in for something good!!!!!

We let it rest about 15 minutes and then Barry carved it.

As we ate everyone just kept saying over and over again how amazing the turkey was. Never was there a more moist or flavorful turkey ever made!!!!
This is something EVERYONE must try.
You do not need any culinary skills at all for this. You just need to know the steps to follow!

Next Thanksgiving (or whenever) you need to do this. Your family will be so impressed and you will, for the first time in your life, actually like the turkey!!!!

Happy Holidays again to all my readers!! Enjoy your weekend and rest up for New Years!
I have a feeling this year is gonna be a crazy one!! :)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the compliment and it really was a yummy bird!

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