My 1st V-blog!

So here is the first go at my video blogs.
It might be a little rough, but remember I'm new at this. I see the room for improvement, but I think I did a good enough job that you might like it!
I hope you do!
If you try the chicken please let me know what you think!



Good Job boo!! You're the hottest chef in the world! MINE!
Lyonsardo said…
I felt like I was right there with you when your cooking. I love this added feature. When I first started watching I got all mushy and missed you, but as I watched I realized I was learning as well as getting inspired. I could taste and smell every thing you were cooking. Almost forgot all about missing you and cared more about how I couldn't wait to make that dish for my friends out here in LA and blow them away. Guess it's a pay it forward type of dish, made with love. That seems to be the theme with you and food.

I do have to say, aside from the great dish you made I had two favorite moments. The first was the cocktail break with the dog interview, and the second was when you said "because I don't cook anything with out parsley".

You are amazing, keep it going because I want to watch!

Love you!

Ciao Ciao
Patty said…
I just watched the chicken video and loved it. Nice and clear, easy to understand and a quick meal is always the best. I'm going to try it tonight. Keep them coming.
melissa usry said…
Paul! Your amazing!!! That was soo fun to watch! Im definitely going to try that soon! You make everything look so easy and that is the best!!! xoxo
Patty said…
Just to let you know that I tried the chicken, salad dressing, gravey, and mashed pots. All were great but especially the chicken. It was moist, juicey and tender. The gravey added to the flavor. Keep them coming, I love new meals. Patty
Roxiest said…
I made this dish the other day at my home in Tokyo! Embarrassingly, I didn't know this is how you should cook your chicken! Also, cutting the potatoes into small pieces made it easier to mash and cook them! When I used to make my gravy, adding flour used to clump up the sauce, but following your instructions, it came out very smooth!

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