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Quick, Inexpensive, and Pretty Healthy Pasta

So I needed to eat today right? I have paid my bills and have gone to a few parties this weekend, and in NYC that means I spent all my cash, so I needed to eat cheap! I went to the grocery store and didn't know what I wanted, I just knew that I wanted something hearty, and something that I could make quick because I have a busy day. I thought that I would get some rice pasta because I am trying to cut down on gluten, but they only had regular pasta, and I cracked. I got some thick spaghetti, and can of diced tomatoes. I thought about what I could add besides cheese, but cracked again and decided I needed cheese. (can you tell I have no will power some times?) So I got some Mozzarella, and then wondered to the frozen food section to get some peas to try to make this a little more healthy. Here is what I did in a few easy steps to make a quick, but substantial and pretty meal on just under $12! And although I am eating alone, this can feed 4 people if you made the whole box of p