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Chicken Pot Pie!

So I was online a couple of days ago, starving as usual and I was asking people what I should have to eat. A little while later my friend Tracy chimed in with the brilliant idea of chicken pot pie. Now this was not a shocker to me because that seems to be a standard response from her. That or rump roast! (That's actually a private joke for her to read!) So this time as soon as she suggested it I was hooked on the idea. It's was about 30 degrees outside so I wanted something to warm us up. We just got back from vacation so I didn't want to spend $100 at the grocery store. It was the perfect idea!! I put my boots and scarf on and headed to the store. (As a side note. I made this recipe for 4 (four) 8oz ramekins. It can also be made in a medium sized casserole dish as well) I picked up all of the usual suspects that we all love in a pot pie: *Carrots (I bought a bag of the baby ones to give myself less work to do) *Celery *corn (Large can) *peas (frozen) *new potatoes *one