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Sweet Inspiration!

Our friend Lisa had us over to her house for a long weekend a few months ago, and she mentioned her friend in the West Village who had left corporate life behind and started making cookies to sell right from his kitchen. It was one of those classic NYC Urban Myths that you hear from time to time, but never happen to you, or anyone you know personally. You know.. that amazing story of a regular guy making it big! The story stuck with me, but for some reason I remembered it as granola not cookies. Not sure why that happened... Then a few weeks ago Lisa was in town and asked us to join her family and some friends for dinner. I arrived late because I had to work, and as soon as I did I was quickly introduced to a gentleman named Dan. P2 and Lisa very energetically said this is Dan, he makes cookies and I instantly remembered the story and said "oh, in the West Village, right?" With a quick "yes" from Lisa I started to bombard poor Dan with 1,000 questions. Frequent re

Hazelnut Crunch Cake with Mascarpone and Chocolate

So Last tuesday was P2 's birthday and we celebrated in the Dominican Republic. It ended up not being a great day. He was under the weather and it was raining. We made the best of it, but knew that this weekend was going to be our NYC re-du with friends and better food!! One thing I knew I needed to do (mostly because of the gentle hints) was get a birthday cake. And that was my first thought... GET a birthday cake! I was going to go down to Chelsea Market and visit one of the great bakeries there.. no way I could go wrong.... Right??? Then it hit me..... I cannot BUY my husband a cake!! I have been to culinary school for f*#!k sake! Let me just say I am an AWFUL baker. I hate it. I pride myslef on not ever using a recipe. Baking is not my steez! However... I had all afternoon.. and I figured why not try something new... even if it came out bad I could blog about it. So I hit the food network website and found something I thought would give me a little challenge, and would still be