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Braised Chicken with Kale

Again, this morning, us New Yorkers, woke up a gloomy, depressing day. Not quite the day for a smoothy and a quick run by the water, but more like the feed your face on the couch and hope no friends stop by and find you with your shirt covered in crumbs kind of day. It's also a nice day to braise some lunch! I was craving one of those warm meaty dishes that cook in a big pot for a long time, and fill your whole body up, not just your stomach. So that is exactly what I made. The best part of these kind of recipes is that you can use so many different ingredient, so you don't have to be too ridged with your grocery list. I bundled up and went to the store without even thinking about what I was going to actually do. I let the food come to me!  (so to speak) I got a pack of 6 chicken thighs. To be healthier you can get breasts or skinless thighs. A package of button mushrooms. (I quartered them) One bunch of Kale ( I cleaned and roughly chopped) A medium onion (or 2 small