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Shrimp Fritters

Grammy night snuck up on us and we needed a meal while we sat in front of the TV judging the famous people we don't know. Our good friend Liz was on her way over, and on our way home to meet her we hopped into Trader Joe's  to get some food to cook. We ended up making a few small dished to keep us all snacking through the show. P2  decided to try making a shrimp fritter. They were AWESOME!!!! A while back while walking around a Chinese market in Long Island we picked up an all purpose vegetable pancake mix that P2 has used quite a bit. Up until this last time my favorite recipe he's come up with was the Sweet Potato pancake. As everyone knows, any way I can eat a Sweet Potato I will. So we quickly gathered up all the other ingredients we needed and headed home to cook! When we got home we realized that we didn't have enough oil to fry the fritters in, and we would have to see if Coconut oil would work. It was our only choice...... It worked perfectly! The Coconut o