Shrimp Fritters

Grammy night snuck up on us and we needed a meal while we sat in front of the TV judging the famous people we don't know.
Our good friend Liz was on her way over, and on our way home to meet her we hopped into Trader Joe's to get some food to cook.
We ended up making a few small dished to keep us all snacking through the show. P2 decided to try making a shrimp fritter. They were AWESOME!!!!
A while back while walking around a Chinese market in Long Island we picked up an all purpose vegetable pancake mix that P2 has used quite a bit. Up until this last time my favorite recipe he's come up with was the Sweet Potato pancake. As everyone knows, any way I can eat a Sweet Potato I will.
So we quickly gathered up all the other ingredients we needed and headed home to cook!
When we got home we realized that we didn't have enough oil to fry the fritters in, and we would have to see if Coconut oil would work.
It was our only choice......
It worked perfectly! The Coconut oil did just as good as any other oil we would normally use, but left the fritters extremely light. There was no greasy feeling after eating a few. I highly recommend using the Coconut oil in this, or any other recipe you have to fry in. I would not deep fry with it however as it does not have a very high smoke point.
Anyway... back to the point.

Here is what you are going to need;
1 pound cooked shrimp.
1 cup vegetable pancake mix (any kind you can find)
1 cup water
1 Zucchini shredded
3 table spoons of chopped chives (about 1 inch long)
1 packet of Trader Joe's Chicken Broth Concentrate
The zest of one lemon, and the juice.
About 3 teaspoons of  Herbamare. If you have never tried this stuff you HAVE to! Salty herby love in a can!
About 5 table spoons of Coconut oil for frying. It will depend on the size of the saute pan you use. You want about 3/4 of an inch depth.
And salt and pepper to taste

Now get to all your chopping and shredding. Make sure your shrimp have all the shells off and start to roughly chop them. I liked having them in different sizes. Made for a nice texture. Chop the chives, and shred the zucchini. After you shred the Zucchini you want to squeeze out all the water with your hands. Either put all the zucchini is a clean cloth and squeeze or just use your hands and squeeze a little bit at a time.
At this point you want to heat up your oil over a medium high heat.
Next, in one bowl mix together everything but the pancake mix and water. In a separate bowl mix the pancake mix and water until the are completely mixed and there are no lumps.
Then combined everything together.

You are ready to go! Drop the batter into the oil slowly. Enough to make the fritter about 2 1/2 inches wide. P2 estimates a heaping table spoon or so. They should cook about 4 minutes on each side, or until they get golden brown. As they cook place them on paper towel to absorb any extra oil that might drip off.

As I said earlier.. they are AWESOME!!! Anyone that you give these too will love them. Unless of course they are allergic to shrimp. Then they might not be to thrilled.

Like I mentioned before this was all P2's doing. He invented, and cooked them. I was in charge of other things like dipping sauces.
You of course can serve them with whatever you think would work. I chose to make 2 sauces. One was a lemon aioli and the second, a sweet/ spicy/ sour Apricot sauce. Both of them complimented the fritter very well. If you would like either of those recipes feel free to message me here and I will gladly get you the recipe.

As always I would love to hear your feed back!
Let me know what you think of this or any of my posts!

Thank you P2 for the most delicious Grammy night ever!! You rocked it out, and I could taste the love in every bite. I am sure Liz would second that notion too!!!



Cakewhiz said…
I am a sucker for fritters of any kind and dipping them in various sauces....mmmmmm :)
Yours look awesome!

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