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Quick and cheap Linguini with Calm Sauce.

So I have no idea why, but I had a sudden and strong craving for Linguini with Clam Sauce. Not a tough craving to fix, however I had two things working against me. One, I have put myself on a strict budget. Two, it is too cold to walk over to The Chelsea Market. So I have to go to my corner grocery store, buy the basics, and make sure I make enough for lunch tomorrow too!! So I bundled up and off I went. Now if I could spend money without really having to pay attention I would have gotten a mix of fresh clams and the canned minced clams, but today it's just the minced.  I will also need flat leaf parsley, garlic, and the linguini. You will need a few more items but you might have them at home already. You will definitely need grated cheese (your choice of what), olive oil, and an acid. Most people will use white wine, lemon juice, or in my case both. Once you are ready to start making dinner, begin by starting to heat your water for the pasta. While that is heating also get