Shrimp Avocado and Mango Salad

It's been a year since the last time I blogged. I don't understand it myself, so don't ask me to explain. Just know that I am hoping to get back in the swing of things, and this easy and healthy dinner I made last night seems like a great way to start things off again!
So this combo of ingredients came to me while I was driving home from work yesterday and when I came home to look for a recipe it seems that I am not as clever as I thought I was. There were about 300 recipes out there and they were all different. I decided I would just make it the sway I wanted to. So here is my version of a Shrimp Avocado and Mango Salad. And how it's been since my first post all those years ago, this is a no recipe, recipe made with tons of love!
These measurements will make about 4 small salads appetizer size, or 2 big dinner size salads.

Here's what you need;
2 Mangos
2 Avocados
Shrimp. I used about a pound of large shrimp. You need like 18-20. Or as many as you want.
Olive Oil
Cayenne Pepper
A large Lemon
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Flat Leaf Parsley
Any soft greens you like. I used organic sweet baby greens.
Shredded red cabbage (they have small bags of pre shredded red cabbage at any store. Get those)
Salt & Pepper

Start early with the shrimp. Clean/peel/de-vain/ de-tail them and place in a large bowl. To the shrimp add a table spoon of chopped garlic, a little onion powder, a little cumin, a little (or a lot) of cayenne pepper, a little paprika, and salt and pepper to taste. Pour a few table spoons of olive oil over that and mix that all together.  Cover the shrimp and let that sit in the fridge as long as you can. At least an hour.

When meal time gets closer make the salad dressing. This one you've seen me make 100 times already. It's just a simple lemon vinaigrette. The juice of a lemon mixed with 3 equal parts olive oil. Salt and pepper, garlic powder and a bit of chopped flat leaf parsley. Whisk that all together and adjust the taste to your liking.

Now peel and dice all of the Avocados and Mangos. I like it so that the dices are not uniform. The different sizes add texture in my opinion, but if you prefer, make all the dices the same size for a prettier ascetic. Put your dices in a big mixing bowl and pour some of the dressing over them to keep the Avocado green. On top of that add a couple of handfuls of the chopped Red Cabbage and on that, add your bag of greens. Place that bowl aside or back in the fridge while you grab the Shrimp out.

Now heat up your grill, grill pan, or sauté pan. Nice and hot! I used the outdoor grill because you know I LOVE to grill.
Cook the Shrimp whichever way you have chosen. It'll be quick. About 2 mins on each side, and then remove from the heat.

Toss the salad together adding more of the dressing as needed and plate. Then add the Shrimp on top and serve. The salad will be bright and cold with a little sweetness from the Mango, while the Shrimp will be warm and have a little kick from the Cayenne. All together it will let your mouth know summer is on it's way!!

Please try this and leave a comment below telling me what you think! More comments may mean more posts! :)

XOXO -Paul


MusicGrl78 said…
Can't wait to try this! Xo
You'll love it musicgirl78!
Safari Joe said…
Lovely recipe and we can get all those ingredients here in Kenya and therefore I will definitely have to try it thanks for posting
Thanks Safari Joe! Let me know how it turns out!
Unknown said…
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