Ember Room review by Alex. @richamorr


 As a person who spends a considerable amount of time and $$$ on the NYC restaurant scene and I do mean considerable, I’m not just looking for delish eats, I’m looking for a full on experience meaning food, ambiance, drinks, service, and fun interactionsn with the folks that work at the restaurant.  What does all of this mean exactly?  Well let me explain, there’s many restaurants out here that have the food part of the business down packed, but unfortunately lack in every other area that for me makes spending my money in their establishment worthwhile, no matter how badly I want to share with the readers which restaurants I’m referring  I’ll be classy and not do it :-/
My offices are in Time Square so co-workers and I are always looking for a great place to have lunch together or if we have client or partner meetings, a great place to bring them.    Almost a year ago I discovered what I call my own “Cheers” in Hell’s Kitchen here in NYC, Ember Room.  Ember Room embodies all of the aforementioned and more!  I 1st discovered it while on the way to work one day reading an issue of Time Out New York who showcased the restaurant’s opening.  One of the big draws for me was 2 of my favorite chefs being behind the menu-  Todd English, the mastermind behind another of my favorite spots, Food Hall in The Plaza Hotel and Chef Ian Kittichai the genius behind the incomparable chocolate rib *drooling* and the freakin pork belly, the pork belly would be one of the items as part of a larger last meal on Earth!  The food here is unbelievable, it’s what Ember Room has coined as “Progressive Thai Comfort Food” including dishes like Green Curry Lasagna, Volcano Chicken, and it boasts some of the best cocktails you’ll ever taste- a must is the “Sippin Emotion” everything on the original menu and now new menu is absolutely fantastic and keeps me coming back for more!  The staff is beyond fun and always inviting and some of the best conversationalists I’ve ever met- I feel like I’ve known all of them for years and have developed some really amazing friendships since going there.  The atmosphere is very versatile perfect for business dinners or lunches and equally perfect for all those in the beginning stages of a budding relationship, you’ll find this an impressive place to bring your significant other.  After having been there nearly 50 times in the last year, don’t judge, it’s true!   I spent my 1st Friday evening there with friends and I was completely amazed to find a DJ spins Friday nights adding even more to my list of why I love this place- we went in for dinner at 7:30 and did not leave until after midnight!  SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!
I’m a big fan of the FourSquare app and I try and check into most places I go and provide recos to friends, but the one place that I get the most grief about always going is Ember Room.  Naturally, when someone (me) is checking in 4 or 5 times a week people’s curiosity starts to peak.  I’d have to say about 13 friends of mine in the last week because of a recent “faux FourSquare war” with one of the investors (shall remain nameless) was unraveling on FaceBook, the investor ousted me on FourSquare Mayor people wanted to see what the fuss was all about… After going I heard comments from friends like, “OMG!  The food was incredible,” “I’ll be sippin more of my emotions there” and my favorite “I want to make love to the Thai Tacos!”  I can go on and on about Ember Room, but the proof is always in the pudding!  Please go and try it for yourself!  I know you’ll be just as impressed as I consistently am. Ember Room is my go to for great food, AMAZING conversation, sexy atmosphere, fun, laughs with the great peeps that work there and the patrons who have discovered the same things that I have!   Enjoy, friends!!!!   


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