Cucumber Blueberry and Basil Martini

A couple of nights ago we had a few friends over for dinner, and while shopping for the food I hit the liquor store for some wine. Once I got the the shop I realized that maybe a nice pre-dinner cocktail was in order. The friends that were coming by hadn't been by in a while and I wanted to make them something special so instead of wine, I headed over to the liquors.
I instantly saw a bottle Crop Harvest Cucumber Vodka and decided I wanted a martini made with this.
I was in Chelsea Market so I ran over to Manhattan Fruit Exchange to get a English Cucumber and some mint. They didn't have any mint so I went with Basil instead.
When I got home a did some experimenting. I muddled the cucumber and basil together and added the vodka. It was nice, but had a little too much kick. P2 suggested tossing in some blueberries we had on hand to sweeten the mixture up and it worked. It also gave the drink a nice color. I also added a splash of lemon aid we had, and it was perfection.
So this is what I found worked best.
Take one whole English Cucumber diced, a big handful of chopped basil, about a cup of blueberries and muddle them up together in a pitcher. I got lazy and used my immersion blender. It worked great. I am sure a regular blender would be fine too.
Then add a whole bottle of the Crop Harvest Cucumber Vodka and stir it all together well. Then start to taste it, and add lemon aid to desired flavor is reached..
When it's all together let it chill in the fridge to get nice and cold!

Serve up, or in a highball on ice.
It looks fancy, it's super easy, and you'll love it!



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