Uova In Trippa by Il Bagatto

So as you guys know from a previous post I LOVE Il Bagatto restaurant in New York City. For 10 years I have been going there with friends and family, and I have never been disappointed. As time went on over the years I got to know the owners Julio and Beatrice, and have come to consider them friends.
This past September I got married to P2 in a small ceremony held in the lower level of Il Bagatto, and if it wasn't for the enormous generosity of Julio and Beatrice it would not been half as amazing as it was. 
Shortly after our ceremony we hosted a brunch which was served family style, and the star of the show was the Uova in Trippa. It's like pasta made from an omelet and tossed in tomato sauce. 
I have been craving this lately so I decided to share with you guys the video of the beautiful Beatrice making this spectacular dish!
Enjoy the video and if you can get to Alphabet City in Manhattan get your ass to Il Bagatto

(My family after the wedding at Il Bagatto)



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