Bitchin interview with the gorgeous Nadia G!

Earlier this month P2 and I had the pleasure of being invited to Logo's 2012 NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood, CA, and it was a crazy night! We got to hang with some of the ladies from RuPaul's Drag Race, Rye Rye, Kerli, and even the stunning super model Andrej Pejic. I even got to sit next to the very hansom Chef Stuart O'keefe!
After walking the carpet P2, and I headed to the pre-party. That is code for the open bar prior to show time. We ordered a drink, clinked glasses to praise the fun night ahead, and kissed. Just then, in a sultry voice we heard "you guys are hot.." I looked over and it was no other than the GORGEOUS Nadia G from her hit show on Cooking Channel "Bitchen Kitchen".
I was taken back by how beautiful she was and how amazing her dress was. (Her 5 pound dress to be exact. She let us know as we were inspecting it!)
She introduced us to her friend and Social Media Manager /Goddess Anqelique, (who is AMAZBALLS too)  and the 4 of us had a little fun before the show.  We even made a "SIRPAUL Panini"! 
During the show Nadia won an award titled "Most Addictive Reality Star" beating out people like Big Ange and Andy Cohen. Wooo WHooo Nadia G!!!! (we voted for you!)
Lucky for us at TBFB, Nadia G agreed to answer a few questions for the blog, and I am thrilled to share the results with you!
Here is the Nadia G  interview;

TBFB:Congrats on your 2012 LOGO NewNow Next Award win for "Most Addictive Reality Star"! What foods are you secretly addicted to?

NG- Thanks so much! It was beyond Bitchin’ to win that award, and a real honor to get such love from the LGBT community. As for what foods I’m addicted to, I looove deep fried foods… Fried chicken smothered in maple syrup takes the prize. Mmm.

TBFB: Well I am by no means a spokesman for the LGBT community, but let me just say that once you have the Velvet Mafia on your side, there no stopping you! :)
Bitchin' Kitchen clearly broke the mold of what a "traditional" cooking show looks like. Was it difficult to get your foot in the door being so unique?

NG- Fork yea! The stereotype of pastel-polite, saccharine hostesses can suck my candied walnuts. It’s all about expressing yourself both in and out of the kitchen. It wasn’t easy getting Bitchin’ Kitchen on the air though -- as the old Italian saying goes “REPENT! Or the emperor will hang you like a baby goat!” …What?! I said the saying was old, not relevant.

TBFB: Well screw the Emperor! We want watch you cook, not him... um.. Emporize... ? Anyway..
Your body is sick! How do you stay in such amazing shape when you're always making such amazing food?

NG- Aww Blush*. I love food, but I also work out like a beast. I had a personal trainer for a coupla years, and now I train (read: torture) my girlfriends at Crunch Gym in WeHo, mwahahaha! I do circuit training every second day. 

TBFB: I hear you. My trainer made me throw up at Chelsea Piers the other day when he found out I cheated on my diet.
One last question before you go. Please settle this old debate amongst Italian Americans for us once and for all: It's Sunday and you show up at your Nona's house to eat pasta. What's in the pot? "Sauce" or "Gravy"?

Sawce. It’s always sawce, bro.

TBFB: I say sauce , sorry  sawce, too, but I think I can only say that safely because my Grandmother's wooden spoons have been "retired" if you know what I mean? :)

Thank you so much to the truly unique Nadia G for giving us a little of your time. We know how crazy busy you must be these days! 

You can see Nadia's show Bitchin Kitchen on Cooking Channel Wednesdays at 10PM and Saturdays at 11PM.
And just so I can brag a little more.. She called me "Bello" at the end of the interview! Now I'm blushing!


And check out Nadia G and me making a SIRPAUL Panini!


Dan-O in Denver said…
Kick ass interview, Paul! Nads (sounds like Nods?) not only has the most funny & entertaining show in the universe, I also dig how well she knows her food. Thx
Pat said…
I love Nadia G on Bitchin' Kitchen. That show is priceless. Great interview, by way.
christine said…
Po Po!!!!

LOOOVED the interview....and I love Nadia G !! She's hysterical and talented (like someone else I know??? hmm). Great job, babe :)

You favorite
sister-in-law(hee hee),
The Gluten Free Chef!

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