It has been a while since I have picked a vegetable to talk about. But today I am craving beets, and since I can't eat a beet right now, I am going to do the next best thing.. Talk about them!
I think much like the Brussels Sprout I love so much, the beet has gotten a bad wrap. This is due mostly in part to people growing up only ever trying a beet from a can. Those red discs that taste exactly like the can they plopped out of. Those are nasty!!! And they have kept the beet from getting the love they deserve!
In recent years, the beet has gained more popularity as more chefs started serving them more regularly. I think this is in part to the general public having more interest in where there food is coming from and how it is prepared. Smarted clients = better product.
I think what I was most surprised to learn when I Googled "Beets" is that Char is in the beet family. As in Swiss Char. I love that stuff!!
Beets are extremely healthy. The have been shown to help lower cholesterol, protect against strokes, and best of all, they have "anti-aging" qualities!
When cooking with, and eating beets there is one thing that is most important to keep in mind. Their pigment is a gorgeous purpley red that stains everything. Even stains your insides. So not to be gross, but after you eat them, and you use the bathroom (In ancient Rome they used beets to cure constipation, so you will go to the bathroom), and it looks like you are bleeding and must have internal hemorrhaging, don't worry. It's just the beets!
In thinking about how I would like to eat some beets right now I remembered when our friend Kristen had made an amazing dish with them. Sadly I wasn't actually there when she made it, but I was at her apartment the next day to take a bite of the left overs. It was awesome. So I have decided to share the recipe here with you because not only was it good, but it shows you how to roast a beet which is the best way to cook them, and it also illustrates the versatility of the beet.
Thank you Kristen and thank you Cooking Light Magazine too. (that where she found it)
Here is the link:

Doesn't it look good??
Don't be afraid. It seems like a lot of work, but it really isn't. Maybe try on a day off from work though. It's definitely not a 30 minute meal!



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