Shishito Peppers!

A couple of years ago we were sitting at the bar in one of our favorite restaurants Cookshop, and we saw someone eating a bowl of peppers. Intrigued, we ordered some, and it was love at first bite! Since then I order them from anywhere that has them on the menu. Most recently and maybe my favorite was at another one of our favorite spots, B.E.S.
I am not sure how neither P2 or myself had gone our whole lives without these little peppers is beyond either of us!
They are called Shishito Peppers and they originate from Japan. A whole other reason to love our friends over there!
They have lots of vitamins A and C, a little heat, and lots of flavor. Not to mention they are the easiest things to cook. Anyone who can turn the stove on and make them.
Here is what I do;
Heat up a grill pan super hot.
While that is heating up, lightly coat the peppers with olive oil and a little salt.
When the pan is hot, put the peppers on and just let them go.

Move them around a bit as they cook to make sure they get a nice char on all sides.
After about 10 minutes remove them from the heat and cover them with foil for a few minutes to let them steam a little and get a bit soft.
After that, hit them with a little more olive oil, some lime juice, and some kosher salt.
Have with a little bit of your favorite white wine, and eat them outside!
It's the perfect summer snack. Or if you are like me, you can make a whole dinner out of it!

If you are in NYC they have them now at Chelsea Market. Tons of them!!!

Don't forget to add the love, and let me know how they turn out when you make them!



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