What egg scare???

My day was crazy!!
I was up at 5:45am, and off to work by 6:30am. It's my normal schedule and is the main reason why I don't eat breakfast too often. Today was one of those days. Wasn't worried though. The past few days were on the mellow side, so I knew I would have a chance to get some food sooner or later.
I was WRONG!
It was a crazy busy day and I did not get to eat.
It wasn't until I got home at 5:15pm that I got the chance to eat. But what was I going to eat??
I opened the fridge and I saw mushroom. Then eggs. I have read so much about the egg scare going on and all it makes me want is eggs!
So it was going to be eggs with sauteed mushrooms!
I put oil in my pan with a little dried thyme.
Once nice and hot I put my sliced mushrooms on the heat and let them cook down for a while so they were nice and soft and a little caramelized.
After that I poured in my whisked eggs. I always put a little water in my eggs. Some people say milk is best, some say water. I am a water guy.

I threw in some mozzarella cheese and started to scramble is all up.
Salt, pepper, and a little parsley and I was all set to eat!
Somehow there was a little wine in the house left over from last night's bottle so I poured it in a glass and sat down for lunch!
It was delicious, and hit the spot perfect! Not to mention it helped to get rid of the crazy headache that I had from not eating.
Next time you are starving and don't want to wait too long to eat, try breakfast. It's quick and healthy. Add a bit of wine and it's all of a sudden a gourmet French lunch! :)

Bon Appetit!



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