New Salad

This Tuesday P2 and I decided to have a food challenge. Our deal was that we had $25 and 2 dishes to make. The catch was that we could not make anything that we usually make. Basically nothing that had ever been made in our kitchen.
We agreed on those terms and headed off to Chelsea Market, separated, and gave each other 15 minutes to figure out what our 2 dishes would be.
I had decided on a salad that was yet to be determined and seared Ahi Tuna with butter sage sauce. I have to admit that I have made that a bunch of times before, but never in OUR kitchen so it counted! But what would I do for a salad?
I decided the greens would be Watercress, but what would be different to go with it. What I really wanted was beets, but that is not too much of a new idea. I wandered around the produce for a while and finally decided on purple potatoes!
I would accompany those ingredients with goat cheese, and golden raisins.
First I made the dressing. I choose my favorite one that I always use which is lemon and olive oil. A bit more heavy on the olive oil than usual because the Watercress it so spicy.
Then I put the raisins in the dressing to soak a bit, and I was hopping to add a little sweetness to the dressing.
Then it was time to boil the potatoes.
When they were done I let them cool enough to touch and then I cubed them.
While they were still warm I poured some of the dressing on them so they could soak up some flavor.
When they had cooled completely I assembled the salad.
It was so good!!!!!
It was easy as anything, and looked like a million bucks!

Definitely make it the next time you would like to impress!!!

The rest of dinner was not too shabby either!
P2 made an amazing deconstructed pasta with with meat balls in a cream sauce, and a saute of shaved asparagus and porcini mushrooms.
Along with the salad and tuna we were STUFFED!!!

Try the salad....
It's kinda perfect!

PS. we both went way over $25 :)


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