Wine tasting on Long Island

The picture above was taken at the Raphael vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island. That's were I spent the day yesterday celebrating P2's Aunt Pat's birthday! It was so much fun. I have never been wine tasting before! If you haven't either I recommend it. Especially this time of year! It is gorgeous out here! I'm a city boy so I forget sometimes how amazing the trees in the Northeast get in the fall.

Anyway... back to the vino!
Raphael Vineyards was the biggest of the wineries that we went to.. and had the biggest pour! :)
In all we went to 4, which I thought was the perfect amount. After that I think the silly buzz that incurs might develop into actually being drunk!
For those of you that have not done this I will explain. Basically what happens is that you go from winery to winery trying the different wines they make. Each winery seems to offer 2 or 3 different tasting menus. Each menu consisting of 4 or 5 wines. Once you pic the tasting menu you like they give you about a mouthful of each type you selected. At Raphael they did it a little different. They let you put your own tasting together. From them I bought a bottle of their Cabernet Franc. yesterday was the first time I had tried one, and I think that it might be one of my favorite new reds.
The other winery that I really liked was Castello di Borghese. It was a really tiny place that I didn't expect to like, but I really did! I learned about 2 other wines that I really enjoy as well. One is called a Fleurette. This is a Rose that they described as going well with an egg salad sandwich! LOL... I was a little scared to taste it but I was really pleased with it. The second one is called a Petit Chateau. It was a lovely Bordeaux. I think wines from Bordeaux are my most favorite of them all!!

All in all I didn't really learn that much about wine! I found out I liked new ones, but the education that was given by the proprietors of these places was limited at best. I would have loved to have been offered more information on the grapes used, and methods of wine making each place practiced. After all they are competing with each other. They should all be trying to win us over!

After the tasting we had a big lunch to celebrated Aunt Pat and of course drank some wine! All in all a really great day. If you ever find yourself looking for a really fun inexpensive thing to do, get your ass out to Long Island and drink some wine! It's only 2 hours away!

Hmmmm... I'm a little thirsty now!



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