OK, I know this is going to sound very Rachel Ray, but it is the truth. Having people over for a "theme" dinner is fun, and our friends Kristen and Anthony proved it to us this Sunday night. They had been trying to plan a Fondue night with us for a while, but my schedule is so all over the place it was always being pushed back. Well this Sunday was the night, and we had a such a good time!
I will be very honest here... I was nervous. I have had fondue a handful of times before, and I have been disappointed about 50% of the time. I am not sure what the "real" way of making fondue is. I always thought it was a strong cheese, like Swiss, wine, and seasonings. It sounded good, but think about all the room for disaster there. If someone throws some nasty chardonnay in with a really sharp Swiss..... No thanks!
So, anyway.. I was nervous.
But the way Kristen and Anthony do it was so different. I will stay honest and tell you that I was still a bit nervous all the way up to the first bite. Even though I was helping in the kitchen, and knew exactly was happening you never know what something new will be like until you give it a try!
And....... I loved it!
Kristen made 2 kinds. A pizza fondue, and a crab and beer fondue. I helped with the crab one so I will tell you how that goes.
And don't worry if you don't have a proper fondue set. Doing this in a sauce pan and transfer it to the table in the pan or a different bowl is fine. We actually turned the flame off of this one and it stayed hot for a while.
So in your sauce pan or fondue pot melt and 8oz package of cream cheese with a small bottle of English cheese.
Once those are combined add 8oz of your favorite beer. Anthony chose a really mellow polish beer that he liked, but you can use anything you would like best.
Once the beer is all incorporated you want to add your crab. You can used 2 of the canned kind, or to be really indulgent I would get a tub of the lump crab from the fish counted at your grocery store. It will cost more that all the other ingredients combined, but I LOVE it!

Thats it!!!
Make sure it is nice and hot and serve!
We had it with small pieces of baguette and small pieces apples!

So go try this for your friends! It was a really fun way to have dinner and hang out with 2 of our most favorite people!!


Unknown said…
Nice! Great picture!
I had so much fun and it was really yummy! Nice job Kristen!

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