First go!

Well tonight is my first attempt at cooking dinner and than blogging about it.. It was a fierce tapas party!! Shrimp, squid, ham, and pasta! What's better than that???I have to say it was fun, and my husband and friends seemed to think so too. Now might be a good time to introduce myself... Hi, I'm Paul!
My husband is Paul too, so get used to being confused. It doesn't matter anyway because this is about the food!
We made a sick dinner tonight! It was a lot of work but anyone could do it. Just need a bit of time, patience, and love of course!
If you don't want to put love in all the food you cook then stop cooking... no,seriously.. stop!

Here are some pics of our first go! I hope you love it.. It is only gonna get better!

Cheers to a good start! Thanks to Paul, Kristen, Anthony, Barry, and Ms. Megan Duffy for the help to get this thing going!

To all the people who happen to read this in the beginning.... THANKS!!! Stay tuned to what's about to happen!!!

One of the recipes from tonight:
The Calamari Salad..
WAIT!! there is no recipe! I never use one!! Some think it is my down fall but who knows!! I know what works!
So here goes!

5 squid bodies
5 squid legs
2 ribs of celery
1/2 orange bell pepper
1/4 medium red onion
1/2 a jalapeno (seeded)
1/2 a can of chic peas
salt and pepper to taste

First grill or saute up the the bodies and legs of the squid. I think that hitting them with some salt, pepper and olive oil is best before cooking them.

meanwhile, chop up all the other ingredients, and put to the side.
When the calamari is done let it sit for a moment to the side.
( easy with the squid. It goes from done to over cooked in 2 seconds so don't walk away from it. give it 2 mins on each side and test it)

Once that is cooled slice it up. Add it to all the other veggies and mix. Then add some more olive oil. salt, pepper, lemon juice and mix.

I know it is not very exact, but just keep tasting. You'll figure out the way you like you like it!!!

good luck!!! And don't forget the love!!!



I think tonight's "Tapas Cocktail Party" was a huge success!!! Any time you conceptualize the meal I think the result is so much more of an experience. Don't get me wrong, I always love the spontaneous "Iron Chef" events, but this was truly something special. Everything you made was exceptional. Love you!!!
Lyonsardo said…
Your talent in the art of cooking is equal to your passion and love for food. Your food is off the charts, this I know first hand and now I can be torchered on a nightly basis by knowing what I'm missing...Thanks a lot! Proud of you and love you!
Unknown said…
Being of Spanish descent I am thrilled to try your recipe....looks delish. Can not wait for your next entry. Jeanette

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