de* wine spot

Are you looking for the perfect bottle of wine? Are you living in Williamsburg NY, and need a huge glass of Melbec? Cooking Monk Fish and have no idea what wine would go great with it?

I have a really good place for you to check out!

My friend Alex took his love and respect for wine, paired it with his love and respect for Brooklyn, and opened the coolest wine shop I have ever been in. It's de* wine spot.

About 2 years ago, I was hanging out with my friends Nicole and Aldo. Aldo's brother Alex had just opened a wine shop, so Aldo took us there to check it out. It was well worth the trip out to Brooklyn. The store is small and quaint. What you first realize, is that this place is not over flowing with wine, rather it is well organized, and clearly well thought out. Every wine has been picked out specifically by Alex, to ensure he is selling wine that he knows is great, and not just what a wine distributor told him people would like! Not to mention that the person there to greet you is always friendly and always knowledgeable. Whatever you need, they will help. In a city where we are used to being verbally abused by Duane read employees, and ignored when asking for assistance at Gristedes, to be treated well in a store just feels nice! Not to mention they have really great tastings all the time!!

If you live in or close to Williamsburg, I really recommend you check this place out! You are sure to find a perfect bottle at a perfect price!! And chances are a really cute guy is going to find it for you!!

de* wine spot 428 Lorimer St Brooklyn, NY 11206ph: 718 388 WINE


Megam said…
Cute store! Wish it was in Park Slope.

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