Autumn Roast Pork!

So for a very long time I have done my best to stay away from eating pigs!! It all started when I first watched the movie "Babe". I fell in love with him, and decided to stop eating his friends! Over time I ended up becoming a "pescatarian". That is a person who only eats vegetables and ocean creatures. That lasted about 8 years. Once I decided to wanted to go to culinary school I knew I would have to eat everything!!! And I did.

But... I could never really get back to eating babes friends. Here and there, sure, but not full time! For some reason I like the bacon in Mexico, so if I find myself there.... it's all over!

Last night I threw caution to the wind! I sucked it up in the name of the season, and I pan roasted the sickest pork chop ever!!!


I will tell you all about it:

  • First I cubed about 3 sweet potatoes and baked them at 400 for about an hour. Salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons of canola oil and a secret splash of vanilla extract!

  • Then in a sauce pan I started sauteing half a large Vidalia onion that had been diced in a tablespoon of butter.

  • Once the onion was soft I added 3 cubed medium apples. (any kind you like is fine) I also added another tablespoon of butter, a secret splash of vanilla, a heaping table spoon of brown sugar, 2 big pinches of salt, and a couple splashes of balsamic. I let that cook until the apples got almost soft enough to smash, and I took them off the heat.

  • I took my 2 pork chops (bone out) which are about 2 inches thick each and seasoned them very well with salt and pepper. I also added a pinch of powdered ginger!

  • In a wickedly hot pan I added some canola oil and placed my chops in to the wonderful sound of an intense sizzle!!! - Those stayed put for about 4-5 minutes.

  • while everything is grooving on and in the oven.... it is now time to open some vino!!!

  • Next clean and chop up a bunch of kale.

  • Now remove the sweet potatoes from the oven, turn the pork over (which should have gorgeous caramelizing on them) and place the pan in the oven. Keep it there for about 15-20 minutes. Then check to see it the pork is done. Should have an internal temp of 165 degrees.

  • While that is happening, heat a large saute pan to medium, add a bit of oil and the kale. Then pour about half a cup of chicken stock in the pan and cover it. Let it sit on low until you are ready to plate. Oh yeah... don't forget salt and pepper!

When the pork is done it should sit for about 10 minutes.

Now everything should be done and ready to plate!

First put some kale on the plate, then some sweet potatoes, then the pork chop, and then spoon on some apples!!

Don't forget to add some love and hit it all with parsley!!!

PS.. if you would like, put the pan that you cooked the pork in on a low/med flame. Add a heaping table spoon of flower and mix it around to create a rue. Once the flower has cooked a bit add a splash of red wine and then about 3/4 of a cup of the chicken stock. Whisk it all together and let it come to a boil. Once it has reduced a bit and thickened add some chopped parsley, a little salt and pepper, and you can pour this down over the whole dish before serving it!

Let me know how it works out!



Although I tend to be more of a fan of a thin pork chop, these chops were juicy and delicious! The apple/onion/sweet potatoe combo was OUTRAGEOUS!!! Love to love you baby!!!
Patty said…
Patty, It looked really yummy and I want to try it too. Can you do pretty much the same thing with a pork roast? I can't wait to try it. Love xoxo
Thanks Patty! Let me know how it goes! And yes.. you can do the same thing with the pork roast!
Roxiest said…
I am super jealous that at your casa, restaurant quality (even better) meals are served every single night!!!
Roxie... I am gonna cook you crazy yummy food when you come to NYC!
Looks and sounds delish!! I love pigs!!
Patty said…
I tried the Autum Roast Pork and I passed with flying colors. Took me a little longer to put it all together, than I wanted but Mr. T. liked it but one chop wasn't enough for the big guy. Great dish, had the wine and served with LOVE xoxox
Thanks Patty!! Glad you and Tony are liking my food!!! I love that you let me know about it!!

Keep up the good work!!

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